was created when I was trying to find a good toilet for our new apartment as part of the renovation. I and my family discussed what kind of toilet we should buy that will save water and comfortable for our elder parents.

So, We thought of creating a website the provides toilet reviews for people who are exactly looking for the same kind of information that I was seeking when I tried to buy a toilet for home.

This blog will be really useful if you’re the one who doesn’t know what is the best product for you, then trust me it will help to find the best one that suits within your budget.

Like what most people do when they want to buy a product they seek recommendation and suggestion from their family, friends, neighbors and colleagues etc. I also did exactly the same thing.

So, After hours of research and going through the various product descriptions, warranty and features they offer I finally managed to buy a good toilet that consumes low water and perfectly fits in my bathroom.


The objective is to provide honest reviews of the products and its pros, cons along with the buying guide which helps the visitors to buy a good product.

You can also do this one your own but trust me, researching a product to buy online is really a pain in the neck.

With the exclusive information right in front of the screen, you will be able to figure out whether this product is good for you or not.

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If you are looking to buy a new toilet then you can find the most exclusive detailed review of each product with an unbiased review which will help you to decide whether to buy it or not.